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      ADC's Medicut™ Shears are the world's best selling brand of medical grade utility shears. ■ Traditional 7 1/4" length for maximum leverage and strength ■ Stainless steel safety bandage tip ■ Razor sharp, super-hardened surgical stainless steel blades with one serrated edge ..
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       ADC's Mini Medicut™ Shears designed for nursing are a scaled down version of our best selling shears. ■ Smaller 5 1/2" length is ideal for cutting bandages, tape, and clothing ■ Polypropylene safety bandage tip color coordinated to the handle ■ Stainless steel safety ..
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      The most popular Taylor Percussion Hammer         • The most popular Neuro hammer         • Chrome handle with triangular synthetic rubber head in choice of colors         • Overall ..