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  • CJAA
      Air Water Cushion   ■ Five individual baffles allow even movement of water to reduce pressure and conform to the body ■ Foam lining surrounded by heavy-gauge vinyl keeps cushion temperature comfortable ■ Two sealed seams provide extra strength and durability ■ ..
  • CLAA
      Air Water Mattress Overlay ■ Five individual baffles allow even movement of fluid to provide the right balance of pressure reduction and support. ■ Two sealed seams provide maximum strength and durability build-up. ■ Heavy duty vinyl cleans easily with mild detergent. ■..
  • CJSR
      Inflatable Rubber Invalid Cushion The GenMed Rubber Ring Invalid Cushion is round seat cushion made with heavy-gauge red rubber designed to relief pressure while sitting. The rubber invalid cushion can be inflated or deflated for the ideal comfort and provides ideal lumbar support ..
      Medfex™ Air Splint Kit  ■ Simultaneously splint and stop superficial bleeding  ■ Inflates with simple lung pressure  ■  X-ray translucent  ■ Can be used on children by resizing half-leg or full leg splints  ■ Zippers allow quick applica..